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We had the legislation changed

Wal Dobrow serves on the NSW Strata Industry Working Group and one of his key objectives was to ensure that the Strata legislation was changed so that only Qualified Valuers could carry out the Market Value assessment of Unit Entitlements.

The main reason for this change is that traditionally a developer could allocate whatever Unit Entitlement he chose, including putting a low Unit Entitlement number for the Lots that he retained such as a penthouse and thereby not fairly contribute to the levy burden of running a strata scheme.

There were a significant number of Applications to the Tribunal to have these sort of unfair Unit Entitlement allocations set aside, resulting in a high financial and social burden on our Community. This was the primary reason that Wal Dobrow pushed to have the legislation changed to be fairly assessed on a Market Value basis by Qualified Valuers. The Australia Property Institute also pushed to have this unfair situation rectified.


About us

We are intimately familiar with the new Strata legislation, having specialised in strata valuations for over 30 years.

Our client list includes a wide range of developers from the largest developers in NSW to the smaller strata developers. Our contacts with surveyors assist our clients in getting in touch with the right Surveyors and Strata Certifiers in order to get the right survey work completed on time and the certification process professionally completed.

Wal Dobrow wrote the Common Property Memorandum (AG520000) that adds clarity as to whether the Owners Corporation or the Lot Owner is responsible for the repair, maintenance or renewal or replacement of an item, service or area within a strata scheme. An Owners Corporation can adopt the Common Property Memorandum in whole or part so that clarity and harmony is achieved within that strata scheme. It is a leadership document where he made a decision on each item, service or area to achieve two key tenets. (1) Harmonious living in strata, and (2) minimise civil litigation. The principles of the Common Property Memorandum has been adopted into the new Strata Legislation.

Simply put.. we know our 'stuff'.

Our services

We provide the Valuer's Certificate and the Schedule of Unit Entitlement required under the Strata Schemes Development Act 2015 and the Strata Schemes Development Regulations 2016.

New Strata Plans
There are particular requirements for development lots under the Strata Schemes Development legislation that many Valuers get wrong, because they simply do not know. Unit Entitlement Valuations Pty Limited are THE experts in this area of the Valuation profession. Don't risk your money and delays in lodgement time by dealing with novices.
Strata Plans of Subdivision
These occur when existing strata schemes are further subdivided. Again, there are particular nuances in the Strata Development legislation that requires the Valuer to fully understand how the Unit Entitlements are to be valued. The Valuation approach will vary significantly if Common Property is included in the new strata subdivision, or if a development lot is involved, or if there is no Common Property involved in the strata subdivision, then the valuation approach is different again.We have prepared many of these Schedules of Unit Entitlements for the various bases of Valuation methodology above.
Re-allocation of existing Unit Entitlements
On 30 November 2016 section 236 of the new Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 replaced section 183 of the Strata Schemes Management Act 1996. Primarily the verbiage and intent remains the same and allows an application to be made to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) for the re-allocation of the existing unit entitlement by a certain class of person (an owner, the owners corporation, a local council, or any other public authority or statutory body that is empowered to impose a rate, tax or other charge by reference to a valuation of land, and a lessor in the case of a leasehold strata scheme). Specialist Strata Valuer Expert Witnesses are required to prepare an Expert Report for the Tribunal. Error or ignorance in the drafting of the Expert Report could have the Report set aside and not accepted by the Tribunal, thereby wasting your time and money. It is prudent to only use experienced Strata Valuer Experts in the preparation of an Application to the Tribunal challenging the existing Unit Entitlements. We have had significant experience in training Expert Witnesses in the presentation of Expert Evidence in various Courts and Tribunals over the last 10 years.

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